Kill Bokoblins to get monster parts such as a Bokoblin Fang, Bokoblin Horn, and Bokoblin Guts in LoZ: BotW.

Monster Parts are types of Materials in the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Monster Parts are mixed with small Critters such as Insects and Reptiles to create elixirs.

For example:


The type of Monster Part used affects the duration of the resulting elixir. In general, the more rare the Monster Part will be, the more duration is added. It does not affect potency.

Monster Part Duration
Bokoblin Horn 1:10
Bokoblin Fang 1:50
Bokoblin Guts 3:10
Moblin Horn 1:10
Moblin Fang 1:50
Moblin Guts 3:10
Lizalfos Horn 1:10
Lizalfos Talon 1:50
Lizalfos Tail 3:10
Icy Lizalfos Tail 3:10
Red Lizalfos Tail 3:10
Yellow Lizalfos Tail 3:10
Lynel Horn 1:10
Lynel Hoof 1:50
Lynel Guts 3:10
Chuchu Jelly 1:10
White Chuchu Jelly 1:50
Red Chuchu Jelly 1:50
Yellow Chuchu Jelly 1:50
Keese Wing 1:10
Ice Keese Wing 1:50
Fire Keese Wing 1:50
Electric Keese Wing 1:50
Keese Eyeball 3:10
Octorok Tentacle 1:10
Octo Balloon 1:10
Octorok Eyeball 1:50
Molduga Fin 1:50
Molduga Guts 3:10
Hinox Toenail 1:10
Hinox Tooth 1:50
Monster Elixir ???
Farron Horn ???

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