The Black Knight Outfit, part of the Fort Knights Set, is the ultimate reward (Tier 70) for completing the Battle Pass of Season 2.

This category contains all the outfit sets in Fortnite Battle Royale.

NOTE: This category only includes items that specifically state that they are a part of a set in the item description. Other items with common themes such as Christmas themes which do not state in the description that they are part of a set are not included in this page.



Sets often include 2 or more outfits for various different characters, a pickaxe, and a glider.

Some set items can be bought in the Item Shop, while others may be earned through the Battle Pass.

Set items can be of varying rarities.

Advanced Forces Set

Aerosol Assassins Set

Animal Jackets Set

Apex Protocol Set

Arachnid Set

Arcane Arts Set

Archetype Set

Arctic Command Set

Aviation Age Set

Black Vector Set

Bushido Set

Carbide Set

Chomp Set

Cobra Crew Set

Criterion Set

Dino Guard Set

Divemasters Set

Durr Burger Set

Eternal Struggle Set

Flower Power Set

Flytrap Set

Fort Knights Set

Fortnite Fever Set

Fowl Play Set

Garage Band Set

Getaway Gang Set

Goalbound Set

Green Clover Set

Grim Medicine Set

Guan Yu

Hacivat Set

Half Court Set

Harbinger Set

Hardboiled Set

Hired Gun Set

Ice Kingdom Set

Jailbird Set

Laoch Set

Lightning and Thunderstorms Set

Lucha Set

Modern Mercenary Set

Moth Command Set

Muertos Set

Neon Glow Set

Nevermore Set

Nite Coven Set

Norse Set

Nutcracker Set

Oblivion Set

Oktoberfest Set

Omega Set

Ouroboros Set

Outbreak Set

Overclocked Set

Overseer Set

Party Parade Set

Pastel Patrol Set

Pizza Pit Set

Primal Hunters Set

Pumpkin Patch Set

Racer Royale Set

Ranged Recon Set

Royale Hearts Set

Sharp Style Set

Shogun Set

Skull Squad Set

Sky Stalker Set

Solid Steel Set

Space Explorers Set

Spandex Squad Set

Stars and Stripes Set

Stealth Syndicate Set

Storm Familiars Set

Storm Fusion Set

Storm Scavenger Set

Straw Stuffed Set

Sunshine and Rainbows Set

Support Squadron Set

Sushi Set

Sweet Tooth Set

Twin Turntables Set

Valiant Set

Vanishing Point Set

Venture Set

Volume 11 Set

Wasteland Warriors Set

Western Wilds Set

Winter Ski Set

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