Meet with Takemura is an objective in Cyberpunk 2077 (Cyberpunk2077).

Meet with Takemura is an objective in the Story Job, Playing For Time in Cyberpunk 2077


  • With everything prepared, V needs to make their way to Tom's Diner.
  • V needs to make their way to the elevator and take it down to street level.
  • After that it is time to make your way out to the marked diner.
  • Traverse the distance and head into the diner.
  • Inside the diner, just head over to the booth in the back left.
  • Approach Takemura and use the prompt to take a seat and discuss things.
  • Get through the first prompt to learn that Takemura is curious about where Evelyn Parker has gone.
  • Answer with either response to Takemura and from there, give a response to how V might see the vanishing of Evelyn.
  • V will then make to leave and Takemura will stop them.
  • He will give some answers after that and V can response a bit.
  • Eventually the conversation is interrupted by the news.
  • Just after that Takemura gets a bit upset because of the channel getting changed.
  • V has a timed response to tell Takemura to calm down.
  • Ultimately, V is likely to ask for time to think over everything and make a decision.
  • From there, V has 1 more choice, either "Try my luck with Evelyn Parker" or "Relic's engineer knows more'n anybody else."
  • You will go through both options after that.
  • Continue on through the conversation after that, choosing the best option for V.
  • After talking about Hellerman and Rogue, Takemura will leave, and Johnny Silverhand will come sit down across from V.
  • Johnny will tell that he does want V to live, so peaceful tolerance is the goal here.
  • Finish the conversation with him to complete this mission.