Survive the attack is an objective in Cyberpunk 2077 (Cyberpunk2077).

Survive the attack is an objective in the Story Job, Playing For Time in Cyberpunk 2077


  • This time, V nad Takemura has their assailant latched onto the hood of the car with their Mantis Blades.
  • Just fire on them with the pistol as much as possible.
  • If they are killed before the third turn on the mountain, V and Takemura might avoid a crash.
  • If the assassin is still on the hood, Takemura will slam into a billboard to kill the assassin.
    • This will give V a location to revisit for some special loot later.
  • V has a timed response to finish off the assassin there.
  • After that is a timed response to recommend a Ripperdoc for V and Takemura to head to for some medical attention that they both need.
  • A cutscene runs after that with V making their way back to Vik's clinic.
  • Vik will explain the situation to V about what is going on with the shard in their head.
  • There are a number of responses that V can go through to shape their response this situation.
  • At the end of it, Misty will come in and take V home to their apartment.
  • She has 2 bottles of pills for them: 1) Omega Blocks, to slow the progression of the overwrite from the shard (Suppress the Shard) 2) Pseudiebditruzube, which accelerates the effects of the shard (Embrace the shard).
  • V can ask after the pills or just as Misty to set them on their bed.
  • V gets into bed and goes to sleep for a time.
  • When they awake, the stranger seems to have manifested, talking to V.