DayZ SA Keyboard Controls

These are the default key bindings for the game DayZ Standalone (DZSA). Make sure to bookmark this page so you can easily refer to it!

Infantry Movement[edit]

Command Key Alternate
Move Forward W Up
Move Backward S Down
Strafe Left A Left
Strafe Right D Right
Fast Forward 2xW
Walk or run temporary Left Shift
Walk or run toggle 2xLeft Shift
Slow Forward
Go prone
Stand Up C
Crouch X
Prone Z
Step Over V
Lean Left Q TrackIR Left
Lean Left Toggle 2xQ
Lean Right E TrackIR Right
Lean Right Toggle 2xE
Evasive Left Q
Evasive Right E
Turn Left Delete
Turn Right End

Note about double tapping - when you double tap any of the movement keys, the game will either keep on repeating the given movement, stay in given posture or switch the state to the opposite of the current one (walk to run or vice versa).

Infantry Weapons[edit]

Command Key Alternate
Fire LMB
Hold Breath Hold RMB
Optics 0 (NUM) RMB
Optics Mode / (NUM)
Zeroing Up Page Up
Zeroing Down Page Down
Headlights on/off L
Reload R
Toggle Weapons T
Raise Weapon Right Ctrl+Space
Toggle Raise Weapon Space


Command Key Alternate
Toggle View Enter (NUM) Enter
Zoom in + (NUM)
Zoom in (Toggle) 2x+(NUM)
Zoom out - (NUM)
Aim left Mouse left
Aim right Mouse right
Look up Mouse up
Look down Mouse down
Look left Mouse left
Look right Mouse right
Look Left Alt
Freelook * (NUM) 2xLeft Alt
Look left up 7 (NUM)
Look up 8 (NUM)
Look right up 9 (NUM)
Look left 4 (NUM)
Center look 5 (NUM)
Look right 6 (NUM)
Look left down 1 (NUM)
Look down 2 (NUM)
Look right 3 (NUM)
Free Head Move Left Ctrl
Move Head Up Left Ctrl+Page Up
Move Head Down Left Ctrl+Page Down
Head Roll Left Left Ctrl+Q
Head Roll Right Left Ctrl+E
Center Head Move Left CTRL+5 (NUM)


Command Key Alternate
Gear Tab
Night Vision N
Hide Map
GPS (Toggle)
Items #1-10 1-0 (respectively)
Show Items -


LMB hold on item holds an item so you can drag it to different position in your inventory

RMB click on item brings up interaction menu

Mouse wheel hold on your character / item in your hand slot rotates your character or item in your hand slot

Drag and drop one item on another switches items in inventory or combines them (if they can be combined)


Command Key Alternate
Use default action F Middle mouse button
Use selected action LMB
Freelook interaction LMB
Previous [ Mouse wheel up
Next ] Mouse wheel down
Back Backspace RMB
Salute F1
Taunt “”
Surrender F2
Sit down F3
Get out
Swap gunner
Toggle full HUF info Right Ctrl+H

Also note:

Tab brings up the – Inventory menu

T switch firing mode of current weapon

1 – – 9 switch between items in Quick-bar

Space switch your current weapon between at the – rested / at the ready position

LMB switch your weapon to at the ready position / attack while at the ready

Mouse wheel scroll up/down brings up the context sensitive action menu F / Mouse wheel press activates currently available interaction

Vehicle Movement[edit]

Command Key Alternate
Car forward W Up
Car Back S Down
Car Left A Left
Car Right D Right
Car more left Mouse left
Car more right Mouse right
Vehicle Turbo Left shift
Car fast forward E
Car slow forward Q
Aim up Mouse up
Aim down Moue down
Aim left Mouse left
Aim right Mouse eight
Turn in X C
Turn out Z

Helicopter Movement[edit]

Command Key Alternate
Cyclic forward W Up, Mouse Up
Cyclic backward S Down, Mouse Down
Cyclic left A Left
Cyclic right D Right
Collective Raise Q
Collective lower Z
Left pedal X Delete
Right pedal C End
Left turn Mouse left
Right turn Mouse right
Auto-hover on 2x\
Auto-hover off \

Vehicle Weapons[edit]

Command Key Alternate
Fire LMB
Lock orZoom Hold RMB
Toggle Weapons T
Optics 0 (NUM) RMB
Zeroing Up Page Up
Zeroing Down Page Down
Headlights On/Off L


Command Key Alternate
Multiplayer statistics I
List of players P
Chat /
Push to talk Caps Lock
Voice Over Net 2xCaps Lock
Previous Channel ,
Next Channel .

Editing Keyboard Configurations[edit]

As of change log 0.30.113860, DayZ Standalone does not offer many keybinding customizations within the game options.

To view/change more keybindings, go to "C:\Users\(user-name)\My Documents\DayZ\", and open file "(steam-user-name).DayZProfile" with a basic text editor (e.g. notepad).

A keybinding setting should look like this: "keyStand[]={46};". Where "{46}" represents the key ("C" in this case). Please refer to ListOfKeyCodes for more details.