Walk with Colonel Garret is an objective in Days Gone (DaysGone).

Walk with Colonel Garret is an objective in the Story Mission, A War We Can Win in Days Gone


  • Deacon needs to follow Colonel Garret through the Wizard Island Camp.
  • Garret will show Deacon to the Doctor, so he can get a quick check-up.
  • From there, Garret will bring him to the next location, the Ark.
  • Garret will bring Deacon in and give him a Militia Hat, though Deacon will hold onto his old hat, stating sentimental reasons.
  • From there, Garret will then lead Deacon to another place, showing him where the munitions are stored, the motorpool, before taking him to one of the labs in the area.
  • Here, Deacon is introduced to Weaver, one of the Scientists he will be helping.
  • After this scene, Deacon is taken to another lab that he will be helping in.
  • Just watch the cutscene that unfolds here and Deacon and Sarah are reunited.