The Objective, “Activate Secret Comms Network” in Destiny 2.

Activate Secret Comms Network is an Objective in the Story Rising Resistance in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.


Find and enable all of the comms relays in the area to set up the secret Fallen comms network.


  • From the entrance of the area, go outside the building and head over to the right, heading around to the far side from the building with Variks.
  • Go to the control console behind the crates to find the interactive point to start triggering the network.
  • From there, climb up onto the top of the building.
  • Climb onto the top of the other building to find the next terminal.
  • After that, launch off the rooftop toward the next marker back at ground level.
  • Head over to the final marker and interact with the terminal to complete this set-up.