The Public Event, “Cyro-Pod Public Event” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Defend the Cyro-Pods is a Public Event Cyro-Pod Public Event in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


A Cyro-Pod has crashed on the Tangled Shore, the Guardian (and those nearby) have been asked to deal with the prisoner within one way or the other.


Neutralize Cyro-Pod Defenders

  • To begin, you will need to clear the first 2 waves of enemies that have appeared around the crashed Cyro-pod.
  • These are fairly large groups and will take some time to clear out, especially if you are working Solo.

Stop the Wanted Enemy

  • When you have cleared the 2 waves of enemies, you will see a Wanted Enemy emerge from the Pod.
  • To complete the Normal Public Event, simply kill this enemy.

Heroic Unlock - Secure the Wanted Enemy[edit]

  • To trigger the Heroic version of this public event, the fire team will need to be careful about lowering the Health of the Boss enemy that comes out of the Cyro-Pod itself.
  • These triggers seem to be at fixed internals, but it all 3 will be available when the Boss is at 50% health.
  • Immediately stop firing on the boss and turn your attention back to the Cyro-Pod.
  • You will see gas venting from the Cyro-Pod.
  • Shoot that vent to get a Cyro-Charge that you will want to throw at the boss.
  • With the charge in hand, run toward the boss and throw it at them.
  • When all 3 have hit them, they will be frozen again and the Heroic Version will begin

  • The Guardians now need to transmat the Wanted Enemy.
  • Be careful to be clear of any electrified or frozen ground around the enemy.
  • The Guardians will need to be within the circle around the target for a total of 1 minute.
  • Throughout this time, they will need to defend themselves against waves of the incoming enemy type.