Dead Exos are a collectible in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

The Dead Exos are a lore collectible in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.


There are a total of 9 Dead Exos scattered across Europa.

Exo 1 - Cadmus Ridge[edit]

  • Found in the slopes near the center of Cadmus Ridge.
  • Climb up the slopes just to the West as you enter the area.
  • The second cliff will lead up to the Dead Exo, just look toward the Vex pyramid to the East and on the ground.

Exo 2 - Perdition[edit]

  • This is an easily accessible Lost Sector in this area.
  • Head to the Central Northern section of Cadmus Ridge and explore the cave here, going to the North and entering the small opening there to find your way into the Lost Sector: Perdition.
  • Start into the Lost Sector, it is time to make your way through the rooms, going up the stairs, and stopping for the search in the third room, where you encounter the boss.
  • Remember that the Hydra can be defeated with heavy damage in the first room, but is meant to be destroyed in the second room, after it has teleported to the back of the first room and then vanished against.
  • The first room is filled with Harpies and Goblins, while the back of it has a few Hobgoblins.
  • There are also 2 Minotaurs in this room to deal with.
  • Clearing the first room will open the barrier here, allowing access to the stairs leading to the second.
  • Be careful to reach the top of the stairs since there are more Goblins, and a Minotaur, but also Fanatics from in from the left!
  • Clearing most of these will bring in reinforcements, which will include a Wyvern coming down the stairs with more Goblins, Hobgoblin and another Minotaur, as well as a Hobgoblin sniping from the ledge to the left of where you entered the room.
  • Getting through all that, head to the far side of the room to take the next set of stairs upwards.
  • You are close to the Dead Exo now, just it is recommended to finish the Boss fight against Alkestis, Sacrificial Mind and the final wave of the Lost Sector before searching the room.
  • The Exo is found inside the boss room, in the front left of it, just beyond where the barrier was.
  • Go over to the front right corner and look just past the crate there, just beyond where the barrier was, and below the fire extinguisher.
  • There, you will find the Dead Exo.

Exo 3 - Concealed Void[edit]

  • The Concealed Void is the Lost Sector in the Abyss, found under the ice near the center of the map.
  • Make your way inside the Lost Sector and complete it as normal.
  • Just behind the Cache at the end, a barrier will drop after the Cache is opening.
  • Look to the right of the cache, onto the balcony behind it, to find the Dead Exo.

Exo 4 - Bray Exoscience[edit]

  • Make your way inside Bray Exoscience and make your way into the first room.
  • Head up the stairs to the right and over to the right-hand room and look in the back right of this room that you arrive in.
  • Tucked away in the corner, you will find a Dead Exo slumped there.

Exo 5 - Creation[edit]

  • From the Exo in Bray Exoscience, it is time to go deeper into the facility to search for another Dead Exo.
  • Take the next door to the right and make your way to Creation.
  • Run on through the first room and drop down the elevator shaft.
  • Get into the second, larger room of Creation and head along the walkway over to the left to drop down to the middle walkway below you.
  • From there, drop down to the bottom walkway and start on your way across it.
  • Head across the first large platform on the left-hand side to the last terminal on the elevated platform.
  • Here you will find the Dead Exo.

Exo 6 - Eventide Ruins[edit]

  • Approach the Eventide Ruins from the Cadmus Ridges (the Southwest).
  • Head to the North, going through the tunnel nearby the yellow building and toward the building in the Northeastern corner of the area.
  • Inside the remains of this building head to the Northeastern corner of the section.
  • Go for the middle of this area, looking for the 3 turbines in this area.
  • By the left-hand turbine, you will find the Dead Exo.

Exo 7 - Bunker E15[edit]

  • Time to head into the nearby Lost Sector: Bunker E15 and head on through the whole of the Lost Sector to the first large room.
  • Inside this room, go over to the right-hand side and look for the stairway leading up to the top walkways.
  • Look underneath the stairs to find the Dead Exo to find it.

Exo 8 - Asterion Abyss[edit]

  • Time to head to the Eastern side of the Asterion Abyss to start the search for this Dead Exo.
  • From nearby the middle of the Asterion Abyss, between the top portion of Vex Stone.

Exo 9 - Well of Infinitude[edit]

  • From Asterion Abyss, head over to the Eastern side of the Abyss and head down into the Well through the Nexus.
  • Once in the Nexus, head over to the right and head across into the next section.
  • Inside the Well, head through the first room completely, then go through the Radiolia room with the sloped sides.
  • Rush on through the next Vex Structure room, going down the ramp into the following chamber.
  • Inside this chamber with the large pit in the middle of it.
  • Go along the left-hand side of the area, on the pit side of the platform on the far side from where you entered, just by jumping across the gap and staying on that side.