The Public Event, “Ether Resupply Public Event” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Ether Resupply is a Public Event in the EDZ, on Nessus in Category:Destiny 2 Wiki.


The Fallen are harvesting Ether. Stop them.


  • A Prime Ether Servitor has appeared and the Guardians need to stop it.
  • To complete the basic Public Event, you will need to destroy this Servitor.

Heroic Trigger[edit]

  • During the encounter, the Servitor will spawn a smaller Servitor.
  • This Servitor will project a shield onto the main servitor.
  • You must destroy the smaller Servitor to begin the trigger.
  • It will eventually spawn 3 Smaller Servitors that will protect the main Servitor.
  • Destroy all 3 of these smaller Servitors to trigger the Heroic Event.
  • Shotguns are great for doing heavy damage to the smaller Servitors and quickly destroying them.
  • As long as you have destroyed all of the smaller Servitors that have appeared, the Heroic Event will trigger.

Heroic Trigger[edit]

  • With the smaller Servitors destroyed, the main servitor will become enraged.
  • It's Servitor's Grasp will now send the Guardian far up into the sky where they will be taking fatal damage from the fall.
  • Fight the Servitor and destroy it to complete the Heroic Public Event.

Heroic Event[edit]

  • The Servitor just needs to be destroyed to complete the Heroic Event.
  • The Servitor can now use Servitor's Fall to send the Guardian high up into the air.
  • This will be a fatal drop if the Guardian does not time their jumps right to recover from it.