The Objective, “Explore the Atrium” in Destiny 2.

Explore the Atrium is an Objective in the Story/Adventure A New Frontier in Destiny 2.


Descend further into the tunnels and defeat every Fallen there.


  • Go forward into the first room of the Atrium, you will find a few Dregs, Vandals, and Shanks waiting for you in there.
  • Clear out the first room of the Fallen.
  • Look along the left-hand side to find a doorway to enter.
  • Inside the next room, drop down and go forward through the door ahead of you on the left.
  • There is a Dreg in this room you should deal with.
  • Turn to the right and start down the corridor you arrive in.
  • There is a Vandals and a few Dregs here for you to deal with en route.
  • Go through the archways on the right into the final large chamber.