The Quest, Fallen Transponder: in Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter.

Fallen Transponder is a quest in Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter.


A Fallen global positioning transponder, jury-rigged for operation in human hands. Its encrypted interface seems to require locational data. Beyond that, your Ghost can find nothing remarkable about this device except a brief plaintext message embedded in its header files.

Getting the Transponder[edit]

Fallen Transponder Video Walkthrough

  • Complete the main campaign of Destiny 2.
  • Complete the Rat King quest until you reach Enemy of My Enemy.
  • Travel to the Rig on Titan and from there, go to the Tidal Anchor in exploration (or in the story mission Bad Neighbors
  • Proceed through the areas until you reach the second hallway with Hive it.
  • In Exploration, you will encounter a Wizard while during Bad Neighbors, you will encounter a Shrieker.
  • Either clear the room or just run through to the far end.
  • This brings you into a chamber with 2 hatches, the one on the left from where you enter is where you want to go.
  • Interacting with this door will show it is unlocked.
  • With the door open, go inside it.
  • Head over to the left, and take the stairs down into the control room.
  • From there, head to the middle section of this room.
  • Move over to the right-hand side and look along the far edge of the consoles to find a PDA sitting there.
  • Claim this PDA to get the Fallen Transponder.


Node 1 - The Drain[edit]

Fallen Node The Drain Gameplay Walkthrough

  • From Trostland, travel over to the Outskirts and make your way to the entrance of the Drain.
  • Once inside the Drain, continue forward by going through the open doorway.
  • Run through the hallway and in to the next room.
  • Take out the Dregs in the room and go through the doorways to the left.
  • Head for the ledge in front of you and jump down into the lower area.
  • Turn to the left and climb onto the platform.
  • Go to the middle where you can find the Node.

Node 2 - Whispered Falls[edit]

Fallen Node Whispered Falls Gameplay Walkthrough

  • Head to the Outskirts and head to the entrance of the Whispered Falls.
  • Go through the entrance and take the first drop into the pool of water below.
  • In the water, head over to the right and into the small cave.
  • Inside the cave, you can find the node sitting in the water by the stone arch.

Node 3 - Atrium[edit]

Fallen Node Atrium Gameplay Walkthrough

  • Travel to the Trostland and head into the church.
  • Go toward the front entrance and make your way into the entrance of the Atrium.
  • Inside the Atrium itself, start going over to the left, through the doorway.
  • Through the door, continue over to the left, going through the doorway you can see there.
  • Head to the back section of this small room behind the small wall.
  • On the floor you can find the node.

Node 4 - Widow's Walk[edit]

Fallen Node Widow's Walk Gameplay Walkthrough

  • Travel to the Trostland in the EDZ.
  • Go into Widow's Walk and make your way into the Lost Section.
  • Head to the back of the Lost Sector, heading to the chest in the back.
  • Look to the remains of the floor above the chest.
  • Jump up onto this floor and look over it to find the node.

Node 5 - The Rift[edit]

Fallen Node The Rift Gameplay Walkthrough

  • Travel to Exodus Black on Nessus.
  • Go into the Rift and fight on through the Fallen.
  • Head into the massive cavern and go over to the left.
  • Climb up onto the rock pillar to the left inside this room.
  • Use that to jump across to the ledge across the gap.
  • Go past the remains of the pillar on this elevated ledge and look into the container next to it.
  • Jump onto the container and go to the open end over the pit.
  • Drop (and jump) into the container.
  • Inside here you will find the node.

Node 6 - The Carrion Pit[edit]

Fallen Node The Carrion Pit Gameplay Walkthrough

  • From the Exodus Black, head to the South, into the Glade of Echoes.
  • Go into the middle of the area and into the Carrion Pit.
  • Head on through the first portion until you emerge from below the overhanging floor.
  • Once out from under the floor, turn around and jump up onto it.
  • Go to the end of the floor, along the back-right.
  • Jump around the section of wall here to get to the area behind it.
  • On this semi-hidden section, head to the back left to find the node.

Next Quest[edit]