The Heroic Objective is a Public Objective in Destiny 2.

Heroic Objectives are an optional objective tied to the public events that appear in Patrol Mode.


These are optional objectives to be completing during a Public Event that give extra rewards in addition to the engrams, planetary materials and reputation.


Fallen Glimmer Public Event[edit]

  • There are small glimmer generators that appear a short while into each wave.
  • Shoot the generators to find which one. Damage numbers will appear on them when shot.
  • Destroying the generators in each wave will trigger the Glimmer Defense, Heroic Objective.

Fallen Ether Public Event[edit]

  • A large Servitor is supported by a number of smaller Servitors.
  • Destroy the smaller servitors to trigger the Heroic Version.

Spider Tank Public Event[edit]

  • Destroy the armor around each of the Devil Walker's legs.
  • It will drop 3 Arc Nodes.
  • The fireteam needs to be bring 2 to each of the force field generators.
  • Disabling all the force fields, unlocking the Scorch Cannons will trigger the Heroic Mode.
  • This will send in a second Devil Walker the Guardians must defeat.

Witches Ritual Public Event[edit]

  • There are crystal protected along the back wall of where you are fighting the Wizards.
  • You must stand on hexes on the ground to bring down the shields.
  • Destroying both crystals will spawn an addition enemy, Knight.

Vex Construction Public Event[edit]

  • There are 3 Vex Plates in the area.
  • The fireteam must stand (actually stand and remain in its vicinity) on the plate until it is 100% charge.

Cabal Excavation Public Event[edit]

  • You need to capture a point with a drill to complete the normal event.
  • Look to the sky to spot the Thresher that is flying around.
  • It will only make a few passes.
  • You need to use those to destroy it to trigger the heroic version.

Taken Public Event[edit]

  • Move in and out of the Blighted area.
  • This will grant the buff Blight Receeding that lasts 5 seconds.
  • During this time, the large Blight can be damage.
  • Destroy the large Blight to trigger the heroic version.
  • This will summon in a Blightwalker.
  • Defeat the Blightwalker to complete the Heroic Event.

Cabal Injection Rig Public Event[edit]

  • In the Event area, you will find a number of Infiltrator Psions.
  • Kill one of them and turn your attention to the Injection Rig itself.
  • There are 9 vents on it, 3 on top, 3 between the limbs and 3 on the base.
  • 1 on each level must be destroyed.
  • All 6 at the top and between the limbs will open.
  • Along the base, 1 of the 3 will randomly open. These will open for a short time only.
  • Destroying the vents will bring out Infiltrator Valus.
  • Defeat Infiltrator Valus