The Public Event, “Seraph Tower” in Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy.

Seraph Tower is a Public Event Seraph Tower in Destiny 2: Season of the Worthy.


The Towers powering up the Seraph Bunkers and weapon production facility.

Walkthrough - EDZ[edit]

    • Time Limit: 7 minutes
  • This public event will be available on multiple planets, but the overall basics of the activity will be the same.
  • There are 4 Support Towers that will alternate rising up from the ground.
  • The Guardians participating in the event will need to stand nearby the base of the Tower to charge it.
  • A number of 980 Fallen: Dreg, Vandal, Shanks, and Captains.
  • They will all be rushing toward the Support Tower and standing nearby it to disrupt its charging process.
  • After a set time, a number of Charges will emerge from the Tower: 3 (Unsuccessfully) to 9 charges (when successfully defended).
    • Getting the charge will add 14-15% per charge to the Central Tower.
  • Grab one of the charges and look between the central section of the area and the Support Tower that emitted the charges.
  • There is a line of energy between the Support Tower and the Central Tower with a ball of energy at the end of it.
  • Throw the charge at the ball of energy coming from the Central Tower.
  • This will move the charge along toward the Central Tower.
  • When it reaches the the Central Tower, Construction Progress will be made.
  • The enemies will get more difficult, adding in Exploder Shank waves to everything else.
  • Repeat this process, going between the different Support Towers.

Gallery - EDZ[edit]

Video Walkthroughs[edit]

Seraph Tower EDZ Video Walkthrough