The Public Event, “Weapons Exchange” in Destiny 2.

Weapons Exchange is a Public Event on the Io and Earth in Destiny 2.


The Fallen are offloading a cache of weaponry to their forces. Stop the exchange from happening.


Walkthrough - Trigger Heroic[edit]

  • The Arsenal Walker should be fought as normal, damaging its legs.
  • When the armor on any of the legs break, 3 Arc Charges will spill out.
  • Present Guardians need to grab the Arc Charges and insert them into the shield generators over the Scorch Cannons.
  • Disabling all 6 shield generators will trigger a second Arsenal Walker being brought in.
  • Destroy both Arsenal Walkers in the allotted time to complete the Heroic Event.
  • Use the Scorch Cannons, either for their quick fire or charged shot to make fast work of both walkers.
  • Remember the Scorch Cannons can either be fired with a single shot that will stick then detonate or, by holding the trigger, you can have it charge up to 4 stages to inflict significantly more damage.