The Quest Step, The Fall Will Kill You - Mida in Destiny 2.

The Fall Will Kill You - Mida is a quest step in Destiny 2.


The MIDA series features several unconventional features. Banshee wants you to get kills with a Submachine Gun while airborne.


  • Airborne SMG Kills - 50


  • If you are having trouble getting the kills while airborne, there are a few tricks as well
  • Standing on rocks and crates and killing enemies seems to count for being airborne.
  • In the Sludge, along the Northern side, there is a cave that will continually spawn Shanks as long as the Captain inside is alive.
  • This is found along the Nothern side of it
  • You can stand on the cliff-face just to the side of the cave entrance and easily get the 50 kills in very short order.


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