The Public Event, “Vex Construction Public Event” in Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Vex Construction is a Public Event in Destiny 2: Forsaken.


The Vex creating a pillar to further this mechanization of the planet.


  • The Guardians need to defend a Vex Tower to stop the Vex from integrating into it and constructing it.
  • There are a few lanes that the Vex will be approaching from.
  • Confront them and defeat the Vex as they come in.
  • Be sure to watch what is going on.
  • Be aware that the enemies will increase in difficulty as the timer winds down.
  • You will be fighting: Intergrator Goblins, Integrator Hobgoblin, Integrator Minotaur, Integration Mind.
  • You can also encounter Cyclops.

Heroic Trigger[edit]

  • There are 3 plates that will "appear" in the area.
  • You can find them by tracking the plate using the energy emitted from the tower itself.
  • The plate's locations vary a lot based on which instance of the Public Event you are running, hence follow the lines of energy to find the plate.
  • You now need to capture the plate location.
  • Be on guard for the Disintegrators.
  • Defeat all of them and capture the plate to 100%.
  • Capture all 3 of the plates to trigger the heroic version.
  • Once the Heroic is triggered, then you will need to defend the tower location itself.
  • Work with the other Guardians to defend the location.
  • The numbers and types of enemies will change over time.