Divinity: Original Sin Character Creation


AI Personalities affect what choices the non-active character makes during its dialog, and in turn it affects what Traits they will get.

Special Personalities[edit]

No AI: You choose

Random: Dialog choices chosen randomly

Loyal: Same as active character

Traits By Personality[edit]

Knight Compassionate Altruistic Materialistic Romantic Forgiving Bold Obedient Righteous Considerate
Rascal Heartless Egotistical Materialistic Pragmatic Vindictive Cautious Independent Renegade Blunt
Maniac Heartless Egotistical Spiritual Pragmatic Vindictive Bold Independent Renegade Blunt
Judge Compassionate Altruistic Materialistic Pragmatic Forgiving Cautious Obedient Righteous Considerate
Priest Compassionate Altruistic Spiritual Romantic Forgiving Cautious Obedient Righteous Considerate
Free Spirit Compassionate Altruistic Spiritual Romantic Forgiving Bold Independent Renegade Blunt

Personalities By Trait[edit]

Altruistic Knight Judge Priest Spirit
Blunt Rascal Maniac Spirit
Bold Knight Maniac Spirit
Cautious Rascal Judge Priest
Compassionate Knight Judge Priest Spirit
Considerate Knight Judge Priest
Egotistical Rascal Maniac
Forgiving Knight Judge Priest Spirit
Heartless Rascal Maniac
Independent Rascal Maniac Spirit
Materialistic Knight Rascal Judge
Obedient Knight Judge Priest
Pragmatic Rascal Maniac Judge
Renegade Rascal Maniac Spirit
Righteous Knight Judge Priest
Romantic Knight Priest Spirit
Spiritual Maniac Priest Spirit
Vindictive Rascal Maniac

All Personality Traits (for reference)[edit]