Romantic Trait in Divinity: Original Sin

Romantic is a Trait in Divinity: Original Sin


If you have Romantic Trait, Lucky Charm is increased by 1

You have this when its score is greater than Pragmatic


  • To raise your Romantic Score - when choosing dialog options, choose ones that are imaginative rather than dry and boring
  • Avoid choosing pragmatic sounding dialog options
  • Stay close to dialog options that sound most creative and based on imagination.
  • Raise your romantic score if you don't care much about Crafting and just want to find cool items.
  • This is one of the first traits you can raise, after finding the Traveler's Journal on the Dead Man at the Cyseal Beach. Choose options that praise the guy who jumped from the cliff, and say that you would have done the same.
  • Becoming a Bellegarette gives +1 to the romantic trait. Otherwise, rejecting Bellegar gives +1 to the pragmatic trait.

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