Abilities in Divinity: Original Sin

Willpower is an ability in Divinity: Original Sin




Willpower affects saving throws against magical and mental spells.
Affects saving throws against Feared, Mute, Charmed, Frozen, Stunned, Cursed, Slowed, and Petrified

List of Abilities[edit]

Weapons Bow Crossbow Single-handed Two-handed
Defence Armour Specialist Body Building Shield Specialist Willpower
Skill Aerotheurge Expert Marksman Geomancer Hydrosophist
Man-at-Arms Pyrokinetic Scoundrel Witchcraft
Personality Bartering Charisma Leadership Lucky Charm
Craftsmanship Blacksmithing Crafting Loremaster Telekinesis
Nasty Deeds Lockpicking Pickpocketing Sneaking