A Wolf Alone involves killing Bishop Alexandar

"A Wolf Alone" is a an Origin Quest for Ifan ben-Mezd in Divinity: Original Sin 2

You get it automatically when playing Ifan ben-Mezd.


This quest has Ifan ben-Mezd follow through on his assassination contract instructing him to kill Bishop Alexandar.




Quest Items[edit]



  • Magister Borris - Shove off!
  • Ifan ben-Mezd - [IFAN] *Lean in close and whisper: 'Glechou dumar.""'
  • Narrator - *The guard glances around furtively, then looks back at you. The merest hint offear flickers across his face before he sneers.*
  • Magister Borris — Thought you must have died when that ship went down. Guess wolves can swim, ha!
  • Ifan ben-Mezd - *Say you were told he could assist you with an errand.*
  • Magister Borris — That U can, providing we do a little... quid pro quo. Here's how things are going to go down. You'll kill a slum elf called Saheila for me. In return, I'll tell you exactly where to get just the right weapon for whatever-it—is—you're—doing—that-I—don't-want-to-l<now-about.
  • Narrator - *He waves a little scrap of paper in front of your eyes before patting it back into his breast pocket, a smug smile on his lips.*
  • Magister Borris ~ Deal?
  • Ifan ben—Mezd — *Say you weren't told about any extra—contractual errands.
  • Narrator - *He smirks and whistles his Source Hounds a little closer.* Magistcr Borris — You don't get it, do you? In here, I call the shots. You so much as tickle me and you'll be tossed to my Source Hounds as a new chew toy. Do as I say, or you won't be doing much ofa nything at all.
  • Ifan ben—Mezd - *Say you'll be sure to visit his family when you're done with Saheila and Alexandar.*
  • Narrator - *He blanches and staggers backwards a step, all bravado punctured? Magister Borris - D—d-don’t... I'll give you the information. Here. Just... just don’t, alright?


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Saheila is involved in some other quests. If you kill Saheila, you may not be able to complete those quests. You should try intimidating Magister Borris instead.