Amyro in his cage at the Fort Joy Ghetto in Divinity: Original Sin II (D:OS2)

Amyro is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Can be found at the Fort Joy Ghetto, locked inside a cage, across from Camp Boss Griff and the Camp Kitchen


You notice Amyro, a sick prisoner, locked inside a cage. He seeks your help and mercy. Apparently, Camp Boss Griff has accused him of stealing supplies from the kitchen, and has locked him up in a small cage. A prison inside a prison.


Fort Joy Ghetto
Fort Joy Ghetto

In cage across the Camp Kitchen



Camp Boss Griff - Leave 'im be. Don’t make me say it again.

Amyro - Listen, I can help you if you just -

Camp Boss Griff - Shut up, elf.

Sebille - *Say this elf seems badly injured and ask why he's being held here.*

Camp Boss Griff - This clown? Caught 'im stealing from my kitchen. *Ahem* Still won't say where he stashed my i supplies. Sound like someone you'd let off with a slap on the wrist?

Sebille - *Ask how he's sure he has the culprit.*

Camp Boss Griff - Caught him red-handed trying to make off'with a second crate after he took the first. *Ahem* Went down like a rent boy when we grabbed him. Easy.

Sebille - * Ask what he's meant to have stolen.*

Camp Boss Griff - Supplies. A crate of food, citrus in particular.*Ahem* He'll talk, or he'll die quiet.

Sebille - *Makc a proposition: You'll find back the stolen supplies, and Griff will free Amyro.*

Camp Boss Griff - All's I want is my supplies. * Ahem * Happy to let this clown die in a gutter instead of my kitchen. Bring back my crate and vou've got yourself a deal.


Amyro - *An elf, caked in mud and blood, looks up at you from the bottom of the cage. He holds his shoulder at a strange angle. Despite his condition, he appears eager for your attention. *

You. You *wince* believe what he says? That I am a thief?

Sebille - *Ask if he has an alternate account for why he's locked up.*

Amyro - Of course I do. Like most men behind bars, I'm innocent. Like most of us in this prison-fort, in feet. Aren't you like me? Looking for a way out?

Sebille - *Nod. Does he know a way?*

Amyro -I do. I prepare it myself. One only has to follow the path... But... you guess I need something, too.

Sebille - *Ask him what he has in mind.*

Amyro -I know a way out. I show you. And you... you help me out of here. I cannot die in this cage.

Sebille - *Ask how you can trust him to hold up his end of the bargain.*

Amyro - Trust is all we have here. I do not counterfeit. I have... honour.

Sebille - *Agree. This arrangement sounds good for you

Amyro - Finally. Progress. Griff releases me if he sees I do not have what he misses. We - you - must find who steals them. After I am free, you are free.

Sebille - *Ask if he has any idea who took the supplies Griffis after.*

Amyro -I see no one. In feet I only hear the sound of Griff clearing his throat. You know how he does. *Ahem*. Like so. For some time I think Griff takes his own supplies, but I see the anger in him that he does not find it. He truly does not find what he seeks.

Sebille - *Ask if he knows why Griffis so hell-bent on getting these particular supplies back.*

Amyro - Griffis a powerful man. Power is mysterious. In case you haven't *ahem* noticed.

Sebille - *Question what he was doing snooping around Griffs kitchen anyway.*

Amyro -I intend no harm. I want only some provisions. A bit of bread. A potato or two. Nothing Griff should be loathe to give. I need to escape and I have... people to consider. You understand.

Sebille - *Say you understand and take your leave.*

Amyro - Thank you. And. Hurry. Please.


Amyro - Please. I will not survive forever here. Neither will she...




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • If you try to set Amyro free by opening the cage, Camp Boss Griff gets angry and may attack you.


  • "Please... Mercy..."