Beast at the Mess Hall of the Hold in D:OS2. Beast is the Dwarf Companion.

Beast is an NPC (Companion) in Divinity: Original Sin 2 (DOS2)


Beast can be seen sitting at the Mess Hall of the Hold and talking to Gil.

Beast can later join your party as a Dwarven Companion.




Narrator — *A broad dwarf sits totally upright on the bench, eyes closed, palms face up on his knees. His beard is a cascade of meticulous plaits, each one braided through with golden medallions. He raises an eyebrow as you approach but doesn't open his eyes.*

Beast - Listen up, boy. You hear that?

  • Ask what you're meant to be hearing.*

Beast - The ship, of course.

  • Quieten and listen to the sounds ofthe ship.*

Narrator — *A wave of sound washes over you: The unintelligible chatter of your shipmates; the groaning of wood Drom ?oor to ceiling; the boom, crash, and crackle of waves around you, complaints from the sea itself.*

Beast — And?

  • Say the sea sounds angry, like it's trying to capsize the ship.*

Narrator - *The fellow cocks his ear, listening.*

Beast - That isn't anger. It's...

Narrator ‘ *He cocks his ear to the other side, then smiles.*

Beast - Anticipation. She senses something. I‘d hold onto my breeches if I were you, mate. That all you hear, though? Listen close.

  • Close your eyes and try to let the ambient sounds on the ship fade away.*

Beast - There, now... just like that...

Narrator - *Squ-e-e-e-e-a-a-a-l*

Beast - Aha!

Narrator — *His eyes snap open as his countenance breaks into an expression of joy. One great paw claps you on the back; the other catches you before you lose your footing.*

Beast - There! You heard it, didn't you? I knew it! I knew it! Aye, this is good news, boy. Good news.

  • Nod; you heard it. What's it supposed to be?*

Beast — It's the wheel. The wheel, don't you see, you beautiful idiot! Squeaks whenever the helmsman jerks it clockwise, which means we're heading east. - Burn my beard! That means... if we’ve been travelling for... YES! Only 10.34 nautical miles to Fort Joy...

  • Ask why he's so excited about reaching Fort Joy. You haven't heard anything good about the place.*

Beast - Heh. No indeed, boy. But that ain‘t my ?nal destination.

Narrator — *The dwarf leans back from the table and strokes his beard, gold medallions jingling merrily. His eyes roll over to you.*

Beast - That'll be all! Thankee kindly, boy!

  • Say nothing, but look him over once before leaving. You may want to ?nd him again inside Fort Joy.*


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Beast is one of the new companions added to the game.
  • Beast won't join your party while on The Hold, but he will later in Fort Joy.
    • He can be found west of Fort Joy on the beach, working on a shipwreck.


  • "If you'll be pardonin' me, I'll be much obliged."