Black Cat at the Fort Joy Beach in Divinity: Original Sin II (D:OS2)

The Black Cat is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Can be found south of the starting area at the Fort Joy Beach. See map below.

Keep the Black Cat alive until you escape from Fort Joy and you will get a summon black cat skill!


You encounter the black cat on the beach and it starts following you.


Fort Joy Beach
Fort Joy Beach

South of start


  • Narrator - The cat's eyes are clouded and grey, but it stares at you with acute intensity.
  • Black Cat - Hm? What? How did I get... Hey, stop following me!
  • 1. Insist that you aren't following it - it approached you!
    • Black Cat -What? No, that can't be - I can't. Hey, stop following me!
  • 2. Ask the cat if it's feelin ok
    • Black Cat - Huh? Yes! Fine. I just - I'm not sure - it's all a little foggy...
    • 1. Wonder where he came from.
      • The cat opens his mouth as if to speak, but his eyes lose focus and with a jerk he turns away from you. Wh... what's going on?
    • 2. Leave the cat to its mumbling
  • 3. Wonder who you have the pleasure of speaking to.
    • Black Cat - Me? I know who I am. At least - I think I do. Sometimes it feels like - no, I know who I am! Who are you?
    • 1. [ROGUE] Explain that you're just trying to stay ahead of the game.
      • Black Cat - Ahead? Heh. No. Not here. You won't be able to - won't be...
      • Black Cat - The cat opens his mouth as if to speak, but his eyes lose focus and with a jerk he turns away from you
    • 2. Tell him you're just an elf, trying to survive.
      • Black Cat - Huh. Yes, survival. Harder than- than you'd think maybe. Harder than- than-



Journal Entry[edit]

A black cat has appeared, and has taken to following me.


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Only characters with Pet Pal can talk to the Black Cat. Be sure to select such character as the active character when interacting with the cat.
  • Buddy won't talk to you if the Black Cat is too close to him.