A Chunk of Flesh in Divinity Original Sin II (D:OS2)

The Chunk of Flesh is an item (Body Part) in Divinity: Original Sin 2


A mysterious chunk of flesh. This could be anything. Or anybody.

How to get[edit]

  • From bodies of various characters. See below for locations.


  • An elf with the "Corpse Eater" talent (such as Sebille) can eat this body part to access the memories of the dead as well as get healed a small amount.
  • All other characters will receive the "Diseased" status effect.


Attribute Value
Name Chunk of Flesh
Special Effects unknown
Action Point Cost 1 Eat



  • (Finn) Narrator - *As the dead man's flesh slides down your throat, you feel his consciousness enter yours. His memories are yours to experience. You are Finn.* *Your heart is heavy. You know too much; it's all too much. You met... you met... him...* *A bright light blinds you, then fades. You feel a tremendous power in your hands, but they are shaking so hard you can barely use them.* *Suddenly, you're on this very ship, crouched in a - corner, hugging your knees. A figure approaches — an older woman. Her eyes are kind. She comes closer; she says she wants to talk.* *She reaches a hand toward you - you grasp it.* *The memories end. You are no longer Finn. You return to yourself with a jolt.*

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Be careful to only eat the Severed Head with the correct character (an elf with Corpse Eater).
  • There is a Chunk of Flesh early in the game, on The Hold (See below)
  • If your character already has the skill the Chunk of Flesh gives, for example First Aid (such as when using a pre-generated Sebille), and the Chunk of Flesh is supposed to give you that same skill, there will be no effect.

Chunk of Flesh Locations[edit]

The Hold[edit]