An injured Dain lying on the ground at the Beach in Fort Joy in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Dain is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2


Dain was critically injured in a fight with Camp Boss Griff's brutes.

Doctor Leste stands by him and tries to have him rest and bring him back to full health. This is not an easy task since Dain refuses to drink any healing potions.





Dain - *Groan* Out my... out my face... or I'll... I'll punch yer lights out... lichen-livered coward...

Sebille - ‘Unscrew the top ofa healing potion, hold his head in your hands, and tip the contents into his mouth.*

Narrator - *He smacks your hand away, refusing the potion.*

Dain - You’re tryn’a kill me, ain'tcha! Git! GIT!

Sebille - *Try to soothe the wretched fellow and ask what happened to him.*

Dain - Those bleedin' fools... think... think they run the place... but... but I showed 'em...

Sebille - ‘Suggest he showed those 'fools' that they do, in fact, run the place...*

Dain - Sh... shut... yer... trap. 'Less... you want... what I... what I gave... ’em! Ralvo and his... his stupid cards.


Ifan Ben-Mezd - *Ask if he has any pointers for you.*

Dain - S...sure! First: Always... win. Second: Never... lose. What are ya, some kinda... kinda... idiot?


The Red Prince - ‘Offer to stomp out whatever life remains to him.*

Dain - P...p... put 'em up!

Doctor Leste - Oh ho ho, I don't think so, mister! You'll return to your bed or I'll flatten you myself!

Dain - My... eye you will! I'll - I'll -!

Doctor Leste - Yes, yes, I'm sure you will. Now lay DOWN! You! Scaleface! I'll thank you not to provoke my patients. And that's a courtesy I'll only offer ONCE!


Dain - Think yer so fancy with your flashy abracadoodle, don't ya? Fah, who needs ya.

Lohse - ‘Remind him that without you he'd still be dying - or dead.*

Dain - Fat chance! I'd wrassle Death to the ground 'n’ make 'im scream my name 'fore I’d set a dainty toe in the Hall of Echoes. All you did was save the bastard a good beat-down!

Lohse - *Ask what he did to get himself laid out so badly.*

Dain - Ahh, I caught a blow too many from those card- playin' fat-heads up on the ramparts. Got meself a golden ticket, and didn't even get the chance to use it. Whyn't you take it. If they offer you a round of cards, this'n guarantees you a win. It's called the Sparkler. Whoever's got it gets the pot. Filched it from that hog Griff himself. Careful, though. If you ain't as skilled a fighter as me, you'll end up on Doctor Leste's table with the rest o' the lilies.


Lohse - *Tell him to piss off or put 'em up.*

Dain - That's it • put 'em up, y'goon!




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • If you try to help Dain by giving him a healing potion during the dialog, he refuses it. If you talk to Doctor Leste, she explains that Dain does not believe in alchemy and refuses any potioms given to him by herself or anyone else.
  • Cast Restoration on Dain to heal him. He gives you The Sparkler Card as a reward.


  • "G... git yer ugly mud outta here!"
  • "Tough as tiger teeth, just like me mam."
  • "You watch that friend o' yours. Scallawag flicked some fairy dust my way naught but a moment ago. No cellin'

what effects it’ll have on me..."

  • "Any more wiggity- woogity for me? Git on then! Go on-- git!"
  • "What're you lookin’ at? Am I growin' demon horns or somethin'?"