Dallis, the Hammer Divinity: Original Sin II (D:OS2)

Dallis, the Hammer is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Encountered first at the main entrance on the north side of the Ghetto.


Dallis is the right hand of the Divine Order's leader, Bishop Alexandar.


Dallis, along with Bishop Alexandar interrogate, torture, and kill Magister Atusa.




  • Dallis, the Hammer - Stay back, Sourcerer. And stay silent. Our Godwoken speaks.
  • Bishop Alexandar — We know you've been helping Sourcerers escape, Atusa. We have proof.
  • Magister Atusa - I'd sooner cut out my tongue than lie to you, Alexandar. I know nothing of any escapees.
  • Dallis, the Hammer - If you can tell the Godwoken no more, your tongue is of no use. Cut it out.
  • Magister Atusa — This can‘t be serious, Alexandar! Come!
  • Bishop Alexandar - You should know by now to obey your superior, Magister — whatever she may ask.
  • Sebille - [SEBILLE] *Looks like little miss lizard is in a spot of trouble. This is going to be a delight to watch."
  • Narrator - *Atusa pinches the tip of her tongue with two fingers and brings her dagger to its root. Her eyes squeeze shut. Drops of blood form against the dagger's edge and quickly fall to the ground. She groans.*
  • Bishop Alexandar — Stop. My father, may his soul rest in peace, would be disappointed in you, Atusa. To think you would lie to his only son — your bishop and your friend these many years. The fate of our realm hangs in the balance. If you will not help us save it, then you help the Void destroy it. Dallis.
  • Dallis, the Hammer - Yes, Your Holiness?
  • Bishop Alexandar - I... believe we are done here.




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • If Dallis kills Atusa and you have an elf with corpse eater, make sure to loot Atusa's Leg.

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