Gawin wants you to help him teleport out of the fort and escape in Divinity: Original Sin II (D:OS2)

Gawin is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Can be found in Fort Joy, around the main square, west/northwest of the Shrine to the Divine


Gawin is the Aerotheurge merchant in Fort Joy.




Gawin - You. You there. You've just arrived, isn't that right? Are you - ‘whispers* - are you quite alone?

Sebille - *Say you have a companion, but you're fine with going it alone.*

Gawin - You won't regret it. Not when you hear what I've got to say. We need to be quick though; you never know when the Magisters are gonna haul you off.

Sebille - *Ask him what he's planning.*

Gawin - I've been here a long time. Longer than anyone else. People get taken sometimes; some folks say they get cured. I don't know if I believe it, and I don't want to wait and find out. I have a way out of here. It won't be easy, and I need a partner. lust one. Are you interested?

Sebille - *Tell him all this feels a little convenient. How do you know he's not working for the Magisters?*

Gawin - Believe whatever you want. This may be your only chance at leaving this place. Take it or don't.

Sebille - *Tell him you want in.*

Gawin - Atta gal! Who wouldn't?! Finally someone with a little sense around here. The plan's simple - completely foolproof. I have a spell that I can use to teleport you right out of here. I can't use it on myself... but with your help, we can both get out of here. There's an artefact that you can use to teleport me out if this place, then I can use my spell to free you in turn... this item though... it's in quite an unfortunate location...

Sebille - *Note that his plan could help a lot more than two escape, ifwhat he's saying is true...*

Gawin - And how many would make it before the guards noticed? Four? Five? Ever)' bloody Sourcerer in this place? No... they’ll have to take their own chances. I need one accomplice, no more.

Sebille - *Ask where exactly you can find this artefact then, if you were to be his 'accomplice'.* Gawin - It's found its way into a nest of crocodilians on a secluded beach nearby - here, give me your map, and I'll show you where to go...

Sebille - *Tell him to hold up - Crocodilians? How many?*

Gawin - Not enough to trouble a fine specimen such as yourself! Get that artefact, and you and I are as good as free. Go give those overgrown lizards what-for!



Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Gawin can identify unidentified items (Loremaster 1) for a price.
  • If you don't follow Gawin after giving him the gloves, he goes to the Hidden Alcove. See second map above to help you find Gawin.


  • "Hey! HEY! Over here!"
  • "Come - this way! In the back. Follow me."
  • "Now come towards me. I'll teleport you down; I just need to see you clearly."
  • "Come close to the edge as you can, friend!"
  • "Perfect! Simply perfect! Now, teleport me to that mossy rick, across the gulch - just by the torch. We're almost there!"
  • "Someone, help!"
  • "I'll have to deal with this myself."