Hilde at the Fort Joy Ghetto in Divinity: Original Sin 2. She is the Scoundrel trainer.

Hilde is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Can be found at the Fort Joy Ghetto, often walking near the Camp Kitchen. Will sometimes stop and talk to Noosey


Hilde is the Scoundrel merchant in Fort Joy.


Fort Joy Ghetto
Fort Joy Ghetto

Close to the Camp Kitchen



Hilde - *Psst.* Hey. You're a little light in yer trunk, ain’t ya? Who could blame you with the garbage they’ve got fer sale around here. Why’n't ya take a gander at the goodies I've got. Stuff you won’t find anywhere else in camp, procured by special means...

The Red Prince - * Ask what sort of'special means' she's talking about.*

Hilde - Let’s just say... folks leave here, but they don’t seem to take their efTects. Maybe I happen to know where everything ends up.

The Red Prince - [LIZARD] *Ask if Griff won’t be angry to see her selling to a lizard.*

Hilde - Boss don't mind where the gold comes from, 'long as he gets his cut. Have a look, why don’t you. Your cash is plenty good here!

The Red Prince - *Tell her to give you one good reason not to turn her over to the Magistcrs for illegal dealing.* Hilde - Business is business; even the Magisters know that, gator. Get shoppin' or leave me be.

The Red Prince - *Say something sounds off about her offer...*

Hilde - Feh! Fend for vourself then, fork-tongue. I’ll take what I want after the Reds get to you, anyway.


Sebille - *Say you'll have a look, as long as it's quality stuff.*

Hilde - Only the finest, you know!




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Hilde has various Scoundrel scrolls, gear, as well as potions and other stuff for sale.
  • If you anger her by refusing to have a look at her goods she will no longer trade with the character who upset her, but you can try talking to her with a different party member.