The Holding Cells in Fort Joy in Divinity Original Sin II (D:OS2)

The Holding Cells is a location in Fort Joy in Divinity: Original Sin 2

How to get here[edit]

You get thrown in here by the guards if you perform too many crimes (such as stealing/pickpocket) or if a magister spots you without your Source Collar after Nebora removes it.

There are also other ways to get here such as through the Underground Tunnel. The Entrance to the Underground Tunnel can be found at the beach, south of the Ghetto.








Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • If you get thrown in this jail by the Magisters they take all your items away. You can find them in the Steel-Banded Chest just outside your cell.
  • If you have Pet Pal, you can talk to Eddie the Rat and he will give you a lockpick which you can use to escape.
    • If you don't have pet pal you can just kill Eddie and loot the lockpicks.