Sebille's quest "Hunt for the Master" involves locating several targets, such as Stingtail at the Fort Joy Beach

"Hunt for the Master" is an Origin Quest for Sebille in Divinity: Original Sin 2

You get this quest automatically when playing as Sebille


Sebille wants to hunt down her former master who enslaved her.




  • Find Stingtail
  • Hunt down Sebille's master.


Quest Items[edit]



I, Sebille, journey to the ill—omened island of Fort Joy in search of a lizard Dreamer called Stingtail, the one who cut my slave scar into my cheek. I seek to be rid of it so that I can hunt down my former Master without having to fear his enslaving me once more.


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The Red Prince is also looking for Stingtail as part as his origin quest. Consider recruting him to your party too.
  • If The Red Prince is in your party, let him talk to Stingtail first. Otherwise you will lose attitude with him and he may break from your party.