Ifan ben-Mezd at the Fort Joy Ghetto in Divinity: Original Sin II (D:OS2)

Ifan ben-Mezd is a Companion in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Can be found at the Fort Joy Ghetto, wandering around close to the Camp Kitchen.


Fort Joy Ghetto
Fort Joy Ghetto


Narrator - *The trembling man before you looks more haggard than most here. Looking closer, you can see a sharp glint of defiance in his anguished eyes, and the ghost of confidence in his swagger.*

Sebille - ‘Greet the man, one prisoner to another.* Ifan Ben-Mezd - Name's Ifan. So, what did you do to end up in this dive

Sebille - [SEBILLE] *Tell Ifan you burnt your former masters to ash.*

Narrator - *Ifan raises his eyebrows and his lips twitch in a half-hidden smile.*

Ifan Ben-Mezd - Whatever about all that, only thing that matters now is escaping out of here ... before the Magisters escape the brains right out of our heads.

Sebille - * Ask Ifan the same question he asked you; what did he do to end up here?*

Ifan Ben-Mezd - What did I do? Everything. Used to do that everything in a troupe called the Lone Wolves, maybe you've heard of them? Past finally caught up with me...

Sebille - [SEBILLE] ‘Mutter that Lone Wolves traded you to slavers; Ifan’s no victim.*

Narrator - *Ifan purses his lips and looks away.*

Ifan Ben-Mezd - Everybody in life makes choices. Survival's behind most of them. And right now? To survive, nothing's more important than choosing to get out of Fort Joy before it's too late.

Sebille - ‘Noting the tremors wracking his body, ask Ifan if he isn't too unwell to attempt escape."

Ifan Ben-Mezd - You might say that, alright. I'm feeling a little ... under the weather today.

Sebille - "Offer to heal him.*

Narrator - "He laughs bitterly.*

Ifan Ben-Mezd - I'm afraid the kind of sickness I've got can't be healed. Not unless ... you don't happen to have any drudanac on you, do you? Even a little, even the tiniest pinch...

Sebille - *Ask him what drudanae is.*

Ifan Ben-Mezd - Drudanae? You’ve lived this long without hearing of it... ? Must have had a nice childhood... Look, I know I'm not in the best shape right now. But I've got some handy skills, and Damian knows I’ve escaped from worse spots. Haven’t found an exit route from this place yet...

Sebille - "Hesitate before asking him to join you; you don't want any bloody Lone Wolf business on your conscience.*

Ifan Ben-Mezd - Beggars shouldn't be choosers. My claws could come in handy down the road. But suit yourself.

Sebille - "Relent and tell Ifan you’re willing to work together for now, at least to get out of Fort Joy.*

Ifan Ben-Mezd - Right you are. Let's find a way out of




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • If you refuse to let Ifan join your party, you can always come back to him later and accept his offer.