The Inquisitor is one of the Classes in D:OS2.

The Inquisitor is a Class in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


A daring mace-wielder risking life and limb to decimate evil head-on.


Attribute Modifier
Intelligence +2
Constitution +1


Ability Points
Warfare +1
Necromancer +1
Telekinesis +1

Starting Talent[edit]

  • Executioner: Gives you 2 extra Action Points after dealing a killing blow.

Starting Skills[edit]

  • Battering Ram: Rush forward in a straight line to a point far away, hitting all enemies in your path with X-Y physical damage.
  • Crippling Blow: Cripple the target and all non-allied characters around it. Deals X-Y physical damage.
  • Mosquito Swarm: Unleash swarms of parasitic insects onto your enemies. These mosquitoes deal damage and heal yourself.


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The Lizard's intelligence bonus make it a good choice of race for this class.