Kana at the Fort Joy Ghetto in Divinity: Original Sin 2. Helps Burro try to shakedown Elodi

Kana is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2


Kana accompanies Burro as he tries to shakedown Elodi for "protection money" to give to the camp boss, Griff.





Kana -1 saw what you did there. Convincin' Burro not to lay down the law on that elf. Your kind stick together like stink on garbage, don't you.

Sebille - *Shoot her a quizzical look. Isn't she a Sourcerer too? Isn't fucryone in Fort Joy?*

Kana - Sure. I got a little Source in me. But I'm a human. We're trying to save Rivellon from Source, even when it’s in our own bellies. It's the rest of you that're causin' all this chaos!


Ifan Ben-Mezd - [IFAN] ‘Shrug. No point explaining; she wouldn't understand.*

Kana • You watch yourself. Oddballs don't last long around here.


The Red Prince - ‘Say you would've helped anyone you felt deserved it.*

Kana • I'm sure you would've.


Kana - If we don't have order here, we won't even survive long enough to get cured by the Reds. Surprised you lent a hand. Well done.




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • You may end up killing Kana in combat as part of the quest, The Shakedown.
  • Kana sometimes has a rare crafting material on her when she dies.


  • "Newbies oughta know what happens to an elf who steps outta line."


  • Burro appears to do all the talking during the Shakedown. Kana just stands and watches, though she helps Burro in the event he gets into a fight with Elodi.