Some of the Keyboard Shortcuts in D:OS2.

These are the default key bindings in the game Divinity: Original Sin 2:

Click on Options->Controls from the main menu to view or change.

Camera Controls[edit]

Command Keyboard Mouse
Camera Backward S Down
Camera Center Home
Camera Forward W Up
Camera Left A Left
Camera Right D Right
Camera Rotate Left Delete
Camera Rotate Right End
Camera Zoom In Page Up Mouse Scroll Up
Camera Zoom Out Page Down Mouse Scroll Down
Toggle Camera Rotate Middle Mouse Button
Toggle Tactical Camera O

Actions and Characters[edit]

Command Key Alt
Cancel Action Escape Right Mouse Button
Context Menu Right Mouse Button
Cycle Characters Next Right Bracket
Cycle Characters Prev Left Bracket
Destruction Toggle Left Ctrl
Highlight Characters Grave
Interact Left Mouse Button
Queue Command Right Shifts
Rotate Item Left Mouse Scroll Down
Rotate Item Right Mouse Scroll Up

User Interface[edit]

Command Keyboard Mouse
Show world Tooltips Left Alt
Skip Video Escape
Toggle Combat Mode Tab
Toggle Input Mode Ctrl + Shift + Q
UI Select Char1 F1
UI Select Char2 F2
UI Select Char3 F3
UI Select Char4 F4
UI Select Slot0 0 Numpad 0
UI Select Slot1 1 Numpad 1
UI Select Slot2 2 Numpad 2
UI Select Slot3 3 Numpad 3
UI Select Slot4 4 Numpad 4
UI Select Slot5 5 Numpad 5
UI Select Slot6 6 Numpad 6
UI Select Slot7 7 Numpad 7
UI Select Slot8 8 Numpad 8
UI Select Slot9 9 Numpad 9
UI Select Slot11 Minus
UI Select Slot12 Equals

Game General[edit]

Command Keyboard Mouse
Quick Load F8
Quick Save F5
Show Chat Return
Show Sneak Cones Left Shift
Split Item Toggle Left Shift Right Shift
Toggle Character Panels I
Toggle Craft G
Toggle Equipment E
Toggle Homestead
Toggle In Game Menu Escape
Toggle Info Left Ctrl
Toggle Inventory B
Toggle Journal L
Toggle Map M
Toggle Skills K
Toggle Sneak C
Toggle Stats
UI Cancel Escape
UI End Turn Space
UI Hotbar Next F
UI Hotbar Prev R
UI Take All Space
UI Refresh Page F5