Magister Lyann standing on the pool of blood near Magister Jalen's corpse at the Fort Joy Beach in Divinity: Original Sin II (D:OS2)

Magister Lyann is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Can be found along the Fort Joy Beach, south of the starting area.


You run into Magister Lyann and Magister Grello at the Beach. They interrogate you about what happened to the ship and whether there were monsters left, and other survivors. They are worried about the fate of their colleauge, Magister Jalen.


Fort Joy Beach
Fort Joy Beach

South of start



Magister Lyann - You there! Elf! You came from the wrecked ship? Are there Voidwoken ashore?

Sebille - ‘Quickly inform them you saw some smaller Voidwoken on the bcach behind you.

Magistcr Lyann - Gone gods. Grello! Let’s go.


Magister Lyann - You there! Elf! You came from the wrecked ship? Are there Voidwoken ashore?

Sebille ‘Tell them you’re glad they’re here; someone needs to account for how badly you were treated on that ship.*

Magister Lyann • Are you mad? We haven't got time for this now. Those monsters could be at the gates at any moment!

Sebille * Say all you see is two Magisters without any backup. •

Magister Lyann - You lot are all the same. More concerned for yourselves than the rest of the world put together. Grello! Let's make this quick. There may be Voidwoken up the beach. Pray Dallis and the Bishop don't hear us or they’ll have you strung up within the hour. Sourcerer.


Magister Lyann - You there! Elf! You came from the wrecked ship? Are there Voidwoken ashore? Sebillc *Say they'rc a little late; you already killed the last of the Voidwoken that made it to dry land. *

Magister Lyann • You? You killed Voidwoken?

Narrator - ‘She reaches out and lugs hard on your collar, checking that it’s firmly in place.*

Magister Lyann They must'a been pretty badly hurt in the wreck. Let’s hope there aren't any more incoming. Arc there other survivors?

Sebille - (SEBILLE) ‘Say you're pleased to report that the Magister who shackled you is quite dead.*

Magister Lyann You're disgusting. Welcome to Fort Joy, elf. Maybe by the time you're cured you'll see we're only trying to help you. For all our sake*. Let's go. Grello. It was Jalcn on the last ship, right? Maybe he nude it to shore. And you - inmate. Head on into camp, but be careful. Dallis and Alcxandar arc busy up ahead. Don't interrupt 'em if you wanna keep your skin.


Magister Lyann - You there! Elfi You came from the wrecked ship? Arc there Voidwoken ashore?

Sebille *Savyou didn't see any Voidwoken; they must have gone down with the ship. *

Magister Lyann - Let's hope so. Are there other survivors? Sebille - *Lie and say you saw a wounded Magister on the beach behind you.*

Magister Lyann - Grello, let's go! And you inmate. Head into camp, but be careful. Dallis and Alexandar are busy up ahead. Don't interrupt ’em if you wanna keep your skin.


Magister Lyann - Thank the gods no Voidwokcn made it into the camp. They don't usually come near these shores what with you Sourcercrs good and collared. I don't understand it...

Sebille - [SEBILLE] “Tell the Magister that as long as she wears the sigil of a tyrannical regime, there's much she'll never understand.*

Magister Lyann • When're you lot going to understand? You’re wearing that collar for your own protection. And for ourj. And for all the realm's. A little freedom is a cheap price to pay for survival.

Sebille * *Say if the Divine Order really wanted to protect people, it wouldn't keep them collared and penned like beasts.*

Magister Lyann - You'll see when this is all over. elf. There’s no other way. So: Did you see what happened or not?

Sebille - ‘Say there was an explosion of Source magic on the ship that was transporting you here. That might've had something to do with it.*

Magister Lyann - What do you mean an explosion? What happened?

Sebille • ‘Tell the whole story: One of the Sourcerers onboard broke free from her collar and tried to escape, casting a Source spell. Then the Voidwoken came, and the rest is... wreckage.

Magister Lyann - Broke free from her collar? Gods! lust when you think things can't get worse. I hope the rumours are true, then, and Dallis's gone and found that cure already. Anyhow. That ain't your concern just yet. You ought to head in. Get yourself settled. Find something to eat. Try 'n' get comfortable, you hear? This place isn't a punishment; it’s a protection.


Magister Lyann - Nothing to see here. elf. Go on, camp with you.




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Depending on your dialog choices, Magister Lyann and Magister Lyann can either run for the shore to check on Magister Jalen, or attack you.
    • The quickest way to get them to leave is to inform them you saw smaller Voidwoken on the beach behind you.
    • Telling them that someone must account for how you were treated on the ship can lead to you being attacked.
  • The Magisters are a lot higher level than you so it is strongly suggested not to make them angry.
  • If you get them to leave they head north to where Magister Jalen and they have some dialog there about his fate. Feel free to follow them and observe.