Magister Murtof at the Middle Decks of the Hold in Divinity Original Sin II (D:OS2)

Magister Murtof is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2 (DOS2)


Magister Murtof is one of the Magisters serving on board The Hold.

Can be found on the Middle Decks of the Hold after Windego causes the explosion,

Magister Ricks is next to him, cowering in fear.




Magister Murtof — Thank the Gods! By Divine grace, what was-

Narrator - *He eyes the collar circling your neck and reaches a hand towards his blade.*

Magister Murtof— Another Sourcerer.

Narrator — *The Magister’s companion doesn't blink, frozen in place at the sight of you.*

  • Finger your collar. You can help them if they can get this stupid device off of you.*

Magister Murtof— Even if I knew how to tip that thing off, I wouldn‘t. Some crazy banshee comes screamin' through, and now we got Void bugs swarming up top. Sourcerer mutiny!

Narrator - *He whispers loudly to the other Magister.*

Magister Murtof — Don't just cower there, Ricks. Take out your blade!

[Intelligence] *Tell him there is no mutiny. You almost died at this woman's hands!"

Narrator - Persuasion Success!

Narrator - *Ricks looks to his companion, who then looks to you. They drop their hands to their sides.*

Magister Murtof - Go on then. Find a place to hide. And stay there.


  • Motion to the destruction around you. What's going on here? What have they seen?*

Magister Murtof — Like you don't know. Mutiny! Did that witch fix your collar too?

[Strength] *Snarl. That‘s right: there's a mutiny. And if they want to see their families again, they'll stand down.*

Narrator — Persuasion Failure!

Narrator - *The Magisters look to each other, then back to you, and unsheathe their blades with a metallic zing.*

Magister Murtof- Your lies end here. Get him!


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Magister Murtof (along with Magister Ricks) can be found at the east side of the Middle Deck. Check your minimap to help you find them.
  • The door to the room in which they are in is locked, but you can force attack it (hold control + left mouse button, or alternatively you can right click on that door and choose "Attack")
    • Door may be wet and as such, if you are equipping a fire based weapon you might not be able to destroy it. If you see your character is not doing any damage to the door, try equipping a different weapon.
  • You cannot trade with Magister Murtof
  • There is a Persuasion Event during this dialog. You will be able to try and persuade using Strength, Wits, or Intelligence. Choose to persuade with your character's highest attribute.
  • Succeeding with the persuasion will gain you experience, as well as unlock the achievement, "Convincing", if it's the first time you've persuaded sucessfully.
  • Failing with the persuasion will lead both Magisters to attack you.
  • These Magisters are injured and easy to beat
  • These Magisters don't carry any loot.


  • "- You need to find a hiding place. And quick."