Margo at the Fort Joy Beach in Divinity: Original Sin 2. She gives you a Restoration Scroll if you listen to her story.

Margo is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Can be found at the Fort Joy Beach, west of the Shrine to the Seven (see map below)


Margo is a lonely woman who has lost her family.

Listen to her story and she will give you a Restoration Scroll.


Fort Joy Beach
Fort Joy Beach




Narrator - *Thc woman looks out on the gently lapping waves. She seems totally at peace, but as you approach, she turns to you with a cheerful smile.*

Margo - Haven't seen you around here before. New?

Sebille - *Tell her you just arrived.*

Margo - Well. Don’t worry too much if you have a hard time sealin' in. Takes awhile to get used to the place. You here alone?

Sebille - *Nod. Alone.*

Narrator - *She gives you a long look.*

Margo - You think twice about facin' this mean world alone, hey? Someone to drink to in the evenings, someone to hold at night... Ifyou got those, you'll be all right. Some of us haven’t got anyone at all anymore.

Sebille - *Thank her for the advice.*

Margo - It’s nothin'. If I haven't learned that by now, I haven't learned anything at all.

Sebille - *Ask why she's here alone.*

Margo - Used to be I had a family. A husband and a little boy. We were healers. Source was in our blood. Then the)' brought us here. I couldn't stop 'em from taking my boys from me when thev did. Reckon thev were cured, mavbe even released. Dunno why the Reds didn’t take me too. Now I'm just waiting for 'em to call my name. Waiting and remembering.

Sebille - *Ask her to tell you more - what were her boys like?*

Narrator - *Her eyes sparkle.*

Margo - Kind of you to ask. Stefan, he was my little one. Smart as a whip and no less wicked! And my husband, he was called Felix. He was an expert healer. Could fix a broken bone in a short minute!

Sebille - *Take a seat in the sand and listen.*

Narrator - *She talks for some time, about birthdays, about Felix's prickly beard, about the skunk Stefan once dragged home fora pet.* *Joy radiates from her as she remembers. She places a warm hand on your shoulder.* Margo - What a gift. What a gift to think of them. I'd like to give something to you, too. A family recipe. One of Felix’s best. He’d be happy to know it went to such a... a warm soul. Take care of yourself, you hear? You’re a sweet one.


The Red Prince - [RED PRINCE] *Say that you are indeed new and that you've yet to find someone who'll address a prince with the proper deference.*

Margo - A prince no less! Don’t think I ever had the honour. Must be strange for you among us prisoners and poor folk. You here alone, sir prince?

The Red Prince - [RED PRINCE] *Sarcastically declare they forgot to send your slaves along when you were exiled. A darned nuisance, that.*

The Red Prince - [RED PRINCE] *\luse you had a family [ too. They didn't stand by you. They betrayed you.* Margo - Poor fella. Can't imagine such a thing, myself. Family's not supposed to do that.

The Red Prince - *Say you'd really like to think of something else. A loving family for instance. Why doesn't she tell you all about her boys?* Narrator - *Her eyes sparkle.*


Lohse - [LOHSE] *Tell her there's no point in holding on to the past. What's done is done, what's gone is gone.*

Margo - No point? The way I see it, there's no point to all this here if I forget what came before.

Lohse - *Explain that you misspoke. You meant that there's no point to anything, actually. Past, present, or future.*

Margo - You really think that? What do you think we are then? Cosmic accidents?

Lohse - *Tell her a cold pint on a hot day is the closest anyone can get to meaning.*

Margo - Poor thing. 1 don't know what happened to you to make you think that way, but believe you me: A pint ain't the beginning or the end of it. Put your faith in ol' Margo. She's not known to spit lies.




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • You only get the Restoration Scroll if during the dialog you let her tell the story and then choose to sit and listen. If you interrupt her or choose a dialog option that ends the dialog, she won't give you the Restoration Scroll.
  • You can talk to Margo with all the characters in your party and each of them can receive the Restoration Scroll from her if they listen to her story. So you can get up to 4 Restoration Scrolls.