The Mosquito Swarm Skillbook is an item (Skillbook) in Divinity: Original Sin 2


Use to learn the Necromancy skill, Mosquito Swarm.

This spell lets you unleash a swarm of giant mosquitos that suck the blood of your enemies, dealing 23-26 physical damage and healing yourself.

Skill Stats[edit]

Attribute Value
Skill Name Mosquito Swarm
School Necromancer
Special 100% chance to restore 24 vitality
100% chance to set Bleeding for 2 turn(s)
1 Memory Slot(s)
Action Point Cost 2 Use
Armour Check Physical Armor
Properties Requires Necromancer 1
4 turns cooldown
Notes Decay Spell. High intelligence improves this spell. Read this book to learn it
Weight 0.50
Value 20 coins


Where to get[edit]

  • Fort Joy: Mona, the Necromancer Trainer

Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Mosquito Swarm does heal undead characters