Needle is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Can be found at the Fort Joy Ghetto at the entrance to the Camp Kitchen


Needle makes sure everyone who comes to talk to Camp Boss Griff acts appriopriately and with respect and obedience towards Griff.


Fort Joy Ghetto
Fort Joy Ghetto

Near Camp Boss Griff


Needle - What d'you want, freak?

Sebille - *Say you're looking for Griffs stolen supplies.*

Needle - If Boss trusts you to find somethin' for him, you better not disappoint 'im. You wouldn’t like 'im when he's disappointed.

Sebille - *Say it seems strange that Griffis so angry about some missing fruit.*

Needle - Heh. Yeah. Boss is awful passionate about... citrus. Can't get enough of the stuff.

Sebille - *Ask why he doesn't seem concerned about Griff's missing items.*

Needle - Boss'll be fine. He's got himself in a fit state now, but soon as another shipment comes in, he'll be right as rain.

Sebille - *Ask if he’s heard anything about the culprit.*

Needle - You mean that guy in the cage? I don't associate with elves. Fella says he's innocent, but you know how they lie.

Sebille - *Change the subject.* *Say you're looking fora way out of Fort Joy.*

Needle - Out the fort? To where then? The death swamps or the ocean brimmin' with Voidwoken? Hah. Fat chance of gettin’ more than five feet in any direction and keepin' your skin rightside out.

Sebille - *Say you there are some things you'd like to discuss.*

Needle - Make it quick!

Sebille - *Ask if he knows how the magisters intend to cure people of Source.*

Needle - Hell if I know. Don’t rightly know if it can be done. If they take the Source out of ya, what are ya?

Sebille - *Ask if he’s ever heard of someone escaping this place.*

Needle - Sure. Pal o' mine made it as far as the Hollow Marshes, even. They dragged his corpse back the next day. Head pulled clean off by a ghost. Saw it myself.

Sebille - *Ask what he knows about the Voidwoken.*

Needle • Never seen one myself, but me cousin up in Gor said one appeared from the clear sky one day 'n' ate up every child under the age of twelve. Dunno where they come from, but without the Divine, there ain't much we can do to stop 'em.

Sebille - *Take your leave.*




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Needle does not have much to trade, though he may have a healing potion or two.


  • "Hands out of yer pockets, now!"
  • Easy, eh?"
  • "Mind yer manners around Griff, eh?"