Noosey is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Can be found at the Fort Joy Ghetto near the Camp Kitchen


You run into Noosey at the Ghetto. She wants you to go down some hatch in order to participate in some match.


Fort Joy Ghetto
Fort Joy Ghetto

Near the Camp Kitchen




Noosey - Lemme guess: You're here for a match. Dunno what you heard, but they won't take it easy on you just causc you’re an elf.

Sebille - [ROGUE] *You smell an opportunity and ask her to elaborate.*

Noosey - Winnin' has its own rewards, if that’s what you're after. Slip down the hatch and talk to Thom. Put those greasy hands of yours to work.


Sebille - [ELF] "Say you should hope not, if they (whoever they are) wish to remain undigested

Noosey - Ha! That’s the spirit. Down the hatch, then. Thorn will eat you up.


Sebille - [SCHOLAR] * Your stomach does a somersault. This must be an Arena of the One - home to a fabled cult of battle. Ask her to tell you more.*

Noosey - Nothin' I can tell you you can't find out by slippin' down that hatch. If you've got the spit in va, that is.


Noosey - You lookin' fora match? You'll have a good head on most of the competition, that's for certain. A good tail, too. Poor lugs won't know what hit 'em.

The Red Prince - [LIZARD] *Say you've lain low lizards twice your size. Height or length has little to do with martial prowess. *

Noosey - That so? Well then. Prove it. Down the hatch with you.


Noosey -I know that look well enough. You're about to pop, ain't ya. Whyn’t you enter a match and let some of that frustration out the right way.

Ifan Ben-Mezd - [HUMAN] *Say you'll relax once you're out of this place for good. *

Noosey - Can't help you leave, but I do know how you can escape. At least for a few holy minutes. Go on. Down the hatch. You won't be sorry.


Noosey - Not scared, are ya? Go on. Down the hatch.




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • You can talk to Noosey with different characters and get to use different tags.
  • Ultimately, all conversation choices lead to Noosey telling you to go down the hatch next to her in order to participate in some sort of match.