The Razor is a rare dagger in Divinity Original Sin II (D:OS2)

The Razor is a Weapon (dagger) in Divinity: Original Sin 2


Short and shadowy, this dagger is capable of piercing to the very heart of an argument. Twice.

How to get[edit]


Attribute Value
Name Razor
Rarity Rare
Type Dagger
Damage 7-9 Physical
Effect +1 Finesse
Effect Set silenced for 1 turn(s). 10% chance to succeed.
Can Backstab Yes
Properties Level 3
Requirements Requires Finesse 10
Range 0.8m
Durability 20
Critical Damage 150%
Weight 0.5
Value 107 Bronze Coin



Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • Narin has a pretty good chance of dropping this. You can save before fighting him and reload if he doesn't drop this dagger to try again.