Stingtail can be found asleep at the Fort Joy Beach in Divinity: Original Sin II (D:OS2)

Stingtail is an NPC in Divinity: Original Sin 2

Can be found on the Fort Joy Beach, south of Fort Joy Ghetto. (See map below)


Stingtail is the Pyrokinetic merchant in Fort Joy.



Notable Loot[edit]


  • Stingtail — Huh? What? But I was - it was... Please, tell me, tell me, *ahem* WHY did you wake me? Iwas so close... so close...
  • Sebille — [SEBILLE] *This is Stingtail! Confront your target: tell him to state his name.* *Stingtail - Hmmm? I am Stingtail. *Ahem* Who is asking?
  • Sebille - *Silently bare your arm and show him his name tattooed on your skin.*
  • Stingtail — Oh! Hmmm... Why, dear girl, why mar your beauty with my silly old name? *Cough* Say, but don't I know you? That face and that... cheek...
  • Narrator — *Something suddenly dawns on Stingtail and he goes quite pale.*
  • Stingtail — Confound my drug—addled brain, it is... She. You're She. The Master's chosen! W-w- why do you seek me?
  • Sebille — *Slowly draw your needle. Say the needle doesn‘t like stupid questions.*
  • Stingtail - Am I? Am I being stupid? Think, Stingtail, think...! The scar! That is why you seek me... I... I was made to weave it! They forced my hand. I never had a wish to... to blemish you; enslave you! I would undo it if I could! Oh, I surely would, I surely would, but I cannot! Only the Master. Only the Master can!
  • Sebille - *If the Master is the key, you must ?nd the Master. Where is he?*
  • Stingtail - I... But I don't know! How could I? The Master finds; he is never found. You must know that. Surely you know that!
  • Sebille — *Grab him by the throat and get ready. It's time for some creative interrogation.“
  • Narrator - *Stingtail writhes in your grip as he gapes at you with fear—smothered eyes, his voice a pitiful wheeze through his tightened throat.*
  • Stingtail - Please... I don't know... the whereabouts... of the Master...
  • Sebille — *Drag a nail across his cheek. You keep them sharp for this very purpose.*
  • Narrator — *Your nails dig deep, and Stingtail‘s blood flows copiously, as if eager for release, but he doesn't speak a word.*
  • Sebille — *Push your finger into the wound and twist it open.*
  • Narrator — *This time he hisses loudly, the sharpness of the pain getting the better of him*
  • Stingtail - No! Stop! The wolves! The Lone Wolves! They may know about the Master!
  • Sebille — *Relax your grip and tell him to elaborate. Quickly nowl"
  • Stingtail — The Master, he's been using Lone Wolf mercenaries ever since your escape. You vanished, so he needed others to do his bidding. They may know where he is! Lone Wolves need to be paid in person. They may know where he is...
  • Sebille - *Snap at him. Where can you ?nd a Lone Wolf around here?*
  • Stingtail - I... I... Who would know? Who would know? Must be... Griff! Yes, Griff knows! I assure you! He's over yonder in the kitchen. The cook; the celery man; the butcher man, but but but he knows things! If there's wolves on the prowl, Griff will have caught their scent. I've told you all... *Cough* Told you all I can... Have mercy, fair lady... Have mercy...
  • Narrator - *Stingtail stands before you a broken mess, quivering with fear and pleading miserably to spare his life.'*
  • Sebille - *Your scar remains, but at least you've a new lead on the Master. Decide to let him live.*
  • Narrator — *You turn around and take two steps before turning back and looking him in the eyes.* *He shakes like a dead leaf in the wind as you blow him a kiss.*




Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • If you're observant, you can spot Stingtail at the Camp Kitchen in the Fort Joy Ghetto.
  • You can follow him to his location at the Fort Joy Beach where he lies down and goes to sleep.
  • Interact with him to wake him up and talk to him
  • Several quests can be resolved by killing him; However, that's not recommended since it makes other quests involving him harder to complete, and also since he is the Pyrokinetic Skillbook merchant. Resolve the quests peacefully if possible.