Elodi fighting the thugs who are trying to extort her, in the quest "The Shakedown".

"The Shakedown" is a side-quest in Divinity: Original Sin 2

You get it from Elodi at the Fort Joy Ghetto


Elodi refuses to pay protection money to Camp Boss Griff, so he sent some thugs to shake her down.




  • Help the elf bullied by thugs.


  • Speak with Elodi
  • You can either:
  • The quest completes when either:
    • The Elf (Elodi) Dies.
    • You help the Elf by either paying the toll for her, or by fighting and killing Burro and Kana.
  • If Elodi makes it out alive, she goes south to the Elf Cave. See map below.
    • If quest is completed and the elf is alive, when you go talk to her at the Elf Cave she thanks you and gives you a Severed Head.
  • See "Strategy Guide/Tips" section below for more hints and some warnings.

Quest Items[edit]



  • I ran into an Elf in Fort Joy who was being intimidated by some thuggish inmates.
  • The Elf Died/I rescued the Elf


Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • The quest will start when you talk to either one of these characters for the first time:
  • If you side with Burro and Kana and end up helping them in combat against Elodi, be careful not to damage them accidentally with AoE or ranged attacks, as they will turn on you.
  • Elodi will defeat Burro and Kana on her own. She will lose if you help Burro and Kana.
  • If Elodi is alive be sure to go talk to her at the Elf Cave.
  • One way of resolving the dispute is to choose the dialog option that implies Elodi is a dangerous assassin. Other ways include paying the toll for her, or killing the elf. But see tip below.
  • Under certain circumstances, the quest does not seem to complete. Such as if you threaten Burro, or if you don't intervene. You will gain experience and Elodi will run to the Elf Cave but the quest log won't update even when you go to the Elf Cave and speak to here there (possible bug?). It seems like the two sure ways to complete the quest is to fight the thugs, or kill Elodi.