A Human (Undead) in D:OS2.

The Undead Human is a Race in Divinity: Original Sin 2.


The Undead race is considerd an Abomination of the natural order. Undeads are abhorred in Rivellon.


Beware! Playing as an Undead poses unique risks and benefits. Undead must veil their true selves from the living or risk being attacked. Healing potions and spells will damage you, while poison heals. Undead can pick locks with a bony finger alone and can survive the scourge of Deathfog.

Racial Abilities[edit]

  • Play Dead: Fool enemies into thinking you are dead. Cooldown of skills will be paused. Any action you take will cancel this status.

Natural Talents[edit]

Undead Humans have 2 natural talents:

  • Undead: Undead lets you heal from poison, but regular healing will damage you.
  • Ingenious: 2 bonus initiative, +5% critical hit chance.

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Strategy Guide/Tips[edit]

  • You must wear a hood or some other sort of helmet on your head to prevent other NPCs from attacking you (NPCs attack undead characters on site otherwise).
    • Undead characters are equipped with the Tattered Cowl from the start.
  • Fane can turn into a Human with Fane's Mask of the Shapeshifter, to gain access to the Human's special ability.
  • Undead can lockpicks as often as they want without needing to carry lockpick.
  • Healing potions and spells actuall cause damage to undead characters. Poison will heal them, as well as certain necromancy spells.
  • Undead have immunity to Death Fog.
  • The Grinning Skull at the beginning of the game gives you a short introduction to what it entails playing as Undead, specifically to the part of having to keep your head cover on to prevent being attacked by everybody.