Ishkafel the Dark Seer - a Hero in Dota 2

Ishkafel the Dark Seer is one of the Heroes in Dota 2

Basic Info[edit]

Name: Ishkafel

Nickname: None

Abbreviation: DS

Class: Dark Seer

Attack Type: Melee

Main Attribute: Intelligence (INT)

Faction: Dire



Ion Shell


Wall of Replica


Brawler, Initiator, Pusher, Defender, Jungler, Escape

Base Stats[edit]

STR: 22 + 2.3

AGI: 12 + 1.2

INT: 29 + 2.7

HP: 568

Armor: 5.68

EHP: 761

Mana: 377

Range: 128 (Melee)

Missile Speed: NA

Movement: 300

Damage: 60-66

Sight (Day/Night): 1800/800

Suggested Items[edit]

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