Acquire a historic sword is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



  • You need to travel a good distance to the Northeast from the Riverside Manor to find your way to the Whitesprings Resort.
  • Search along the Eastern side of it for the Artisan's Row Shoppes.
  • Fight your way through the Feral Ghouls, Roamers that will be attacking you in this area.
  • Completely pass by the first set of shop fronts and continue to the second building.
  • Go into this building, fighting the Ghouls that are about as you enter.
  • Once inside, head over to the left, into the Southern room.
  • There is a closed display case with the sword you are looking for and a terminal, the Presidential Cottage & Museum Terminal nearby.
  • On the terminal, go into STAFF ACCESS, the bottom option.
  • Access the terminal to learn that you need to collect the password for this terminal.
  • Once you have the password, once again used Staff Access and you will be able access Display Case Access, allowing you to open the display case.
  • Go over to the display case, open it and acquire [Fallout 76: Grant's Saber|Grant's Saber]].