Activate the emergency beacon is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



    • If the enemies inside the mine are too high level, LEAVE THE WORLD and rejoin after that.
  • It is time to enter into Belching Betty properly.
  • Be sure to have at least the Fire Breather Helmet equipped to avoid getting a disease just for entering the mine.
  • Have the Anti-Scorched Training Pistol equipped if you have a lot of 10mm ammo.
  • Once inside the mine, you want to head straight forward to the locked door in front of you.
  • To the right of it is the Terminal.
  • Access this terminal and choose the option to for [Remote Door Control].
  • From there, access the [Open Door] option to
  • This will let you inside the mine shaft.
  • Go on through the now open door to the North.
  • Throughout this area, be on guard for more Scorched.
  • Head on down the mine to the first chamber.
  • Inside this chamber, you will encounter the first group of Scorched.
  • This can have Scorched Wanderer,
  • Inside this chamber, look by the left-hand side of the first generator to find the corpse of Timothy Wolfe.
  • Defeat them and head to the North.
  • Between the tracks farther North, you will find the body of Sylvester Tate with the Scorchslayer's Journal - Part 2 holotape.
  • Continue to the North through either the left or right-hand passage.
  • This will lead you down into the second chamber, going on the right-hand path.
  • The second chamber has another group of Scorched that you will want to fight through.
  • A number of Scorched Wanderers in this chamber.
  • Head through the gate in the back right and take the stairs downward.
  • On the first landing, you will find more Scorched Wanderers.
  • Continue to the back and then head to the back right and then take the stairs down.
  • From there, continue down to the next sets of stairs.
  • After that, you will find a landing with a building on it.
  • You will need to fight through more Scorched Wanderer.
  • Continue downward to reach the bottom of the mine.
  • Fight on through the Scorched Believers and Scorched Wanderer.
  • At the very bottom, you will find a raised platform with a few terminals.
  • Go to the back of the platform, where you will find Rita Wilcox and Maxine Ballard.
  • By them you will find the button to activate the Emergency Beacon.
  • Before you press the button, reload your weapons or chance to a very strong melee weapon.