Agility Course is a mission in Fallout 76 (Fallout 76).


For this course, I'm going to have to press a series of buttons in order before time runs out. Feet don't fail me now.


    • Time Limit: 2 minutes.
  • This is a simple side quest that has you completing an Agility Course within a set amount of time.
  • You will need to wade through water, so having some Rad-X will help a lot to minimize the impact from that.
  • Once you begin the mission from the terminal, you are given 15 seconds to reach the first button to your right in front of a series of tires.
  • Press the red button to the left of the tires to properly begin the course.
  • Jump up onto the tires and run across the middle of the tires.
  • Once on the far side of the tires, just to your right is the next button you need to press.
  • Head forward to the wider set of steps just ahead of you to the right.
  • On the left-hand side at the top of the stairs, you will find the second switch.
  • Press it and then go in front of the narrow beam.
  • Carefully walk or run across the balance beam.
  • Once again, on the right, you will find another button to press.
  • This time, you are suppose to run under the barbed wire through the water.
  • Make it quick to minimize radiation gain.
  • On the other side, just in front of you to the right is the next button to press.
  • Continue forward to the next button just in front of you, up the stairs.
  • Press the button to the left of the balance beams.
  • This time, you will need to cross several balance beams to reach the next switch.
  • Once there, turn to the right and go across the next balance beams.
  • Cross them and then hit the button just to the right of where you drop off.
  • Veer just to the left, pressing the button next to the sloped wooden ramp.
  • After pressing the button, run up the ramp and down the other side.
  • Remember to hit the button on the other side on the right, almost done.
  • Turn to the left and press the button you see next to the beams of wood.
  • Jump across the beams of wood and reach the button on the far side.
  • Once again, in front of you is a button to the left of a set of upwards stairs.
  • Press the button and climb up the stairs.
  • Make your way up to the top and press the final button up there to complete the Agility Course.

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20 Caps

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Video Walkthrough[edit]

[ Agility Course Video Walkthrough]