Fallout 76: Approach a Deathclaw and Make Friends - Flavors of Mayhem

From Orcz
Approach a Deathclaw and Make Friends is an objective in Fallout 76 (F76).



  • You will now need to find and "befriend" a Deathclaw.
  • Head from the Top of the World to the West.
  • Going into this area, you will find the search area to begin the hunt for the Deathclaw.
  • Go into the search area and make your way to the cliff-face area in this eastern section.
  • When you encounter the Deathclaw, just start shooting at it with your most powerful weapon.
  • This is a very deadly creature to be fighting, so be on guard with it.
  • If you get close enough for the prompt, likely while it is attacking you, hit the button to try to befriend it.
  • It REALLY does not go well.